Esports industry is booming

Man used to compete against each other long time ago. Usually because of gold and glory. Today, such a competition is called “sport” and we doing it more civilised than caveman or riflemen in the middle ages. Speaking about competition now we can have it even from our desk. How? Just Google eSports and you will find many examples about this type of gaming, just like any other sport.

Why eSport is so popular?

The best part of this industry is that people inherently enjoying it while participating in battles or even massive eSports tournaments. Unfortunately, it can be difficult not to get lost and know where to star. Huge amount of players, nice list of games, strong and competitive teams to play with… A lot of young people are choosing gaming as a career option and the main reason why – it is possible to earn millions, get sponsorship deals, there are a lot of games that you can bet on etc. Also it is getting more popular to do branding through eSport because of such a large and divergent audience.

Where to start?

Well, there are some big names and titles that stand out above the rest: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) has a success, League of Legends is one of the most popular ones in the professional gaming right now, Call of Duty has seen moderate success, it still hasn’t racked up the level of Halo though. World of Warcraft is very invested in eSports. One of the reason why – gamers can compete against each other, also against the computer.

If you find yourself eager to watch bests of the bests, look up for major tournaments and be surprised of massiveness.

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