Can a newbie trade skins successfully?

What to do if you want to start trading or selling skins in CS:GO but you are a newbie in this area? In this topic I‘m going to introduce you with skin trading basics and give you some tips where you should start focusing first.

To start with, if you play CS GO you should definitely know what the skin is and what should you do with it? According to wikipedia skin is „a customization option for a player’s in-game avatar or equipment that changes its appearance to other players within the game.“ Skins come in three general varieties: Normal, Stat-Trak, and Souvenir. You must be familiar with skins as the weapon exteriors like FN, FT, WW etc.Basically, the better condition the weapon is – the more value it has.

Where to start?

If you‘re all ready in this game – get specific skin that caught your eye or just take a look at all the available skin options. In both ways you‘ll get some information about the ones you like. If you still hesitating try websites such as Drakelounge where you can get pricing information, look at the details or other traders. At this point just browse all the skins and learn about them. Make sure you stay on your budget, because it is easy to spend a lot. Also make sure that currency is set to your local one, in this case you cant better understand accurate price of estimates. In other words trade with money you can afford to lose.

Be patient and disciplined

If you don‘t see any opportunities that meet your criteria f.e. in a drakelounge – do not trade. Set your trading plan and stick to it. Understand it as an investment, so impulsive behaviour might be your enemy, rushing also will lead to failure. You can‘t expect to become rich over the night.

Do not be afraid to push the button but also never risk too much. Sound very hard but do not worry, you‘ll get use to it. Have fun and take your trading experience to a new level!

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